Levi Riven completed his Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Concordia University, where he has also served as a sessional lecturer in the Department of Psychology. His research explores how the brain supports second-language learning, as part of a broader interest in how people develop complex mental skills later in life.

Levi’s approach to therapy emphasizes that the brain has the power to rewire itself throughout life and that the primary driver of structural change in the brain is behaviour. No matter the severity of one’s psychological symptoms and distress, one can achieve emotional change by developing and practicing new ways of coping. Levi uses cognitive-behavioural and mindfulness strategies to help clients change unwanted thinking patterns, build resilience to distress, regulate inner experience, and adapt to challenging life circumstances. Levi’s approach to therapy is empathic, non-judgmental, collaborative, and solution-focused. He adapts evidence-based interventions to the unique needs, goals, and values of every client he sees, and works collaboratively to develop behaviour-change strategies that are personally meaningful to them.

Levi trained in individual and group psychotherapy as well as neuropsychology at a variety of clinics and hospitals. These include the University of Connecticut Health Center, The Jewish General Hospital, and the Allan Memorial Institute. Levi specializes in treating anxiety, ADHD, OCD and related disorders, as well as post-concussion syndrome and other difficulties that might develop after brain injury. In addition, Levi helps individuals adept to difficult life transitions, be it a change in relationships, career, or identity. Levi works primarily in English.

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