Stephen Schettini has practiced and taught mindfulness for over forty years. He is the author of The Novice, a memoir of Buddhist life; and It Begins with Silence, or The Art of Mindful Reflection™. Stephen’s specialty is Personal Guide Meditation. In addition to weekly or bi-weekly meetings to explore your specific needs, you will follow a daily regimen of tailored, recorded meditations that address your life situation as it is now. These recordings are personally crafted for you and draw on Stephen’s extensive experience to help you integrate mindfulness into all you do. Stephen also offers workshops for the general public and businesses. He helps people with cancer, other illnesses and pain, manage anxiety and find authentic sources of joy. Stephen has taught all over the world and has run his Quiet Mind Workshops since 2003. He focuses on developing a deep personal practice and a genuine sense of self-reliance in his clients. Stephen works primarily in English.

To make an appointment with Stephen Schettini, please call (514) 481-0317 or email

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