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Psychotherapy is offered at a reduced rate for clients working with a PhD intern. Therapy with an intern is available dependent on client-therapist fit and availability.

What you need to know

MindSpace is a McGill University Teaching Clinic. Our Interns are advanced doctoral candidates from the Department of Psychology completing the final phase of their training to be psychologists. They are supervised by MindSpace clinical psychologists licensed by the Quebec Order of Psychologists (OPQ).



  • Doctoral interns are supervised on a weekly basis by a MindSpace psychologist licensed by the Quebec Order of Psychologists.
  • The objective of supervision is to maintain an excellent quality of care.
  • Your information will be discussed for supervision purposes only.
  • Your therapist’s supervisor may occasionally be present during therapy sessions.



  • MindSpace is committed to your privacy.
  • Information divulged during therapy sessions is strictly confidential and only your therapist and his/her supervisor and the MindSpace Clinic director may access it.
  • Your therapy may occasionally be discussed in small group supervision.


Video Recording

  • MindSpace doctoral interns will occasionally video-record therapy sessions for supervision purposes only, using small and unobtrusive cameras.
  • Recorded sessions will be exclusively available to your therapist’s clinical supervisor.
  • All recordings will be erased at the completion of your therapy at MindSpace.


Benefits of Working with an Intern

  • Doctoral interns are advanced PhD candidates and are committed to excellence in psychotherapy.
  • MindSpace clients who work with an intern benefit from the additional experience of a clinical supervisor.
  • Clients who work with intern therapists will benefit from a reduced fee for therapy ($95).



Q: Have doctoral interns worked with psychotherapy clients before?

A: Yes. MindSpace doctoral interns have all completed prior internships/practica in Montreal training hospitals and are accustomed to working with clients in psychotherapy


Q: If I work with an intern, can I still submit my therapy receipts to my insurer?

A: Yes. Receipts will be co-signed by your therapist’s supervisor, who is a licensed psychologist (member of the Quebec Order of Psychologists).


Q: Are interns competent therapists?

A: McGill’s clinical psychology doctoral program is widely regarded as the top program in the country. So MindSpace interns are exceptionally bright, talented, and educated. Their internship at MindSpace is the final step before becoming fully-licensed psychologists, and therefore have already developed a high level of expertise. In addition, they tend to be familiar with the most recent trends and research in psychological science. So yes, they are highly effective therapists.


Q: Will I receive a reduced rate if I work with an intern?
A: Yes. The hourly rate for therapy with an intern is $95.


Q: What professional credentials do interns have?

A: MindSpace interns have the equivalent of a Master’s degree in psychology. They have completed clinical coursework, comprehensive exams and psychotherapy training in Montreal hospitals.




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