Mindfull Students

Mindfulness Meditation for Children in Montreal

Be focused

Between academic pressures, extracurriculars, and social, it can be tough for kids to keep on top of obligations and still find down time to just be. Many children end up feeling scattered, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

Mindfulness is a simple and accessible mental skill that gives children and adolescents refuge. The MindSpace Mindful Students program helps kids:

  • improve focus and concentration
  • decrease procrastination
  • decrease worry and self-doubt
  • improve connection with friends and family
  • feel calm and relaxed

Through intuitive meditations, group discussions, and experiential exercises, children will learn to react less to external stressors and to connect more with the present moment. Over time, this practice can help them stay calm, grounded, and focused on what matters most.

The Mindful Students program is available in one-on-one sessions with an expert in mindfulness and child psychology services, or as a group training. Arrange some mindfulness training for your child today.