Mindfulness Tools for Valued Living

Be present

Mindfulness Tools for Valued Living (MTVL) is a six-week workshop is designed to help you cultivate psychological flexibility and move forward with a life that reflects your values. The workshop material is based on Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT), a scientifically validated psychological model with broad applications in clinical psychology and health psychology.

MTVL is firmly grounded in the principles of ACT and in the spirit of mindful awareness and compassion. This workshop will help you:


  • Cultivate mindfulness
  • Gain perspective on painful or ‘sticky’ thoughts
  • Open up to painful emotions with self-compassion
  • Identify your values
  • Take concrete steps toward a life that is consistent with your values

In this interactive graduate course, you’ll have the opportunity to practice core ACT skills—both within and outside of the workshop—and to experience their transformative potential. Based on an intuitive and engaging model, MTVL will help you move mindfully toward a life that meets your needs and fits with your values.


Winter 2018/2019

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Getting Your Life to Work for You

Everybody experiences painful thoughts and emotions that get under our skin–hooking us and reeling us in. Day to day, we’re often so distracted by our painful thoughts and feelings that we lose sight of what’s important to us, and move away from our values. Mindfulness training teaches us how to identify and let go of many of distracting thoughts and and unhelpful reactions. But what’s next? How can we move forward and create the life we want for ourselves?

Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) is designed to cultivate psychological flexibility, the key to living a valued life. Stretching our bodies cultivates the physical strength and flexibility we need to meet life’s diverse physical challenges; similarly, ACT cultivates the psychological flexibility we need to live more and struggle less. Based on cutting-edge new research in psychology, ACT offers powerful practical tools for optimizing growth, performance, health, and well-being.