Mindfull Classroom

Mindful Meditation Classes for Teens and Students in Montreal

Be focused

Children and teens can get stressed out and overwhelmed by social and academic challenges. Mindfulness–the deliberate training of the mind to be focused, present, and non-judgmental–is an indispensable tool for focus, self-awareness, and resilience. The practice equips adolescents with the tools they need to:


  • cope with pressure
  • prevent the development of anxiety and depression
  • cultivate compassion for self and others
  • thrive despite challenges

The .b program

A group of avant-garde teachers and mindfulness practitioners in the UK created the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP), and developed a child and adolescent program named .b (pronounced ‘dot-be’). The name refers to a brief practice through which students learn to “Stop, Breathe, and Be.”

The .b program makes the practice of mindfulness accessible and engaging for kids ages 11 to 17. The program has been extensively studied by teen psychology researchers in the UK and the results are clear. Teens who learn and practice mindfulness:


  • feel happier, calmer, and more fulfilled
  • report improved concentration
  • develop a toolkit for managing stress and anxiety


MindSpace is pleased to be the first centre to offer the .b program in Montreal. A certified .b teacher from MindSpace can visit your school and deliver weekly classroom sessions for kids and teens in grades 5 to 11.

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More on .b

The program includes:


  • 10 sessions
  • classroom-based curriculum
  • striking visuals
  • popular media
  • teen-friendly meditation

To maximize the impact of .b on students and on school culture, in addition the classroom curriculum, the complete .b package includes:


  • a lecture for parents
  • a two-hour mindfulness workshop for teachers and staff

The .b classroom program can also be offered alone to accommodate time and budget constraints, and MindSpace provides the option of customizing the .b program by selecting a subset of lessons that address your school’s particular needs.




  • .b classroom curriculum alone: $1200
  • .b classroom curriculum + teacher training or parent lecture $1350
  • .b package, including .b classroom curriculum + teacher training + parent lecture: $1500